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Balmorhea "Ranch Inspired" Styled Workshop

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

What's a "styled workshop" you ask?

With great effort to build a brand that connects us with our ideal clients wedding pros often opt for joining forces to collaborate with like minded creatives. Styled shoots allow us to produce stunning visuals for an up and coming trend and showcase our talent to captivate a specific audience.

"Styled shoot" sounds dreamy doesn't it? Don't let the fun and catchy wording get to you, although we get to exercise the part of the brain that keeps us happy, shoot day is a "WORK DAY" in every aspect of the word, so we decided to intentionally change it!

Cue the coined phrase "Styled Workshop!"

Trust us when we say, we pour our hearts our time and out of our own pockets to bring these collaborations to life. So what are we doing all of this extra work for?

Content, content, content... of course, but more importantly meaningful & authentic relationships with our clients and fellow vendors.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." -Aristotle

That's exactly the mentality we have as we plan this next event. We want you to leave with more than you came with and we want you to value what you leave with so much... that you continue to learn, grow and elevate your business.

Join us on Monday, August 29, 2022

11 am vendor call & set up

1pm photo & video arrival

2pm vendor meet & greet

4pm JNC Branding Workshop

We are partnering up with the super talented & resourceful team at JNC Branding to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience and opportunity at our upcoming styled workshop. Not only will they jam pack the workshop with knowledge bombs to help you elevate your brand but they'll also give you direction and insight on how to connect with your ideal client.

Want more from JNC Creative? Use this opportunity to get to know the team, and if they're the right fit... guess what, they offer several services to fit your branding and marketing needs and you'll have direct access to them at our upcoming Styled Workshop!

We chose Balmorhea, in Magnolia, TX, for the event with ease and comfort. We have personal and deep connections to the area and the venue and couldn't imagine a more fitting setting for the look. Once we got through the details and logistics for the day we shared the vision with Melissa from Balmorhea and she was all in!

Talk about nurturing meaningful relationships... 20+ years of friendship, dating back to our days at MHS, go into this one! Who would have ever thought, years later and few career paths in between, we'd get to spend this time together building our own businesses?

What a dream right?

If you are a couple looking for a spectacular venue with the most amazing staff to help guide you through the process you should definitely take a look into Balmorhea.

Vendors, models + Photographers - Interested in joining the styled workshop?

Use the link below to submit your contact information. You'll have our brochure in your inbox as soon as you submit.

We look forward to working with you soon,


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