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Traditions be gone!

An open letter for weds-to-be, keep in mind there are no “must haves” or “should do’s” when it comes to your wedding - traditions be gone. Your special day should be inclusive of the things you and your fiancé enjoy together. For example, if you are not a cake person you have no obligation to serve cake for dessert. You can always opt for something more unorthodox such as a dessert bar or sweets stations. Times have changed and the days of conventional weddings are over.

I’m constantly asked “am I supposed to” have a toss bouquet, family florals, a plated dinner, etc. and my answer is always “is that what you want”? It is easy to be influenced by the opinions of others - friends who have been married, online articles and overzealous family members. At some point you may have to set boundaries and learn when to disregard unsolicited wedding advice. There is already so much stress that goes into planning a wedding and it is important to be true to your own wants and needs. Feel free to have your special day wherever you want and with whomever you want - without guilt.

-Ashley Riess


Photographer: Caroline Fontenot

Second shooter: Shelley Montgomery

Design & coordinating: Lily in June

Hair & makeup: KH Beauty

Tux jacket: KingFormalWear

Caterer: Phoenicia

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